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"A minimally invasive, incisionless alternative to traditional flap reconstructions"- PRS Journal, 2014

The aponeurotomy and lipofilling procedure is an effective, simple, permanent, natural, autologous, usually nonscarring, and patient-friendly regenerative alternative to flap reconstructions.

"Over 1,000 Fat-Grafting Procedures to the breast as evidence of a paradigm shift "
- PRS Journal, 2014

The 2014 March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery published our most recent study that outlines our theory and principles of what makes our megavolume fat transfer to the breast for augmentation and reconstruction so successful.

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"A good alternative to implants."- PRS Journal, 2013

Brava and Autologous Fat Transfer Is a Safe and Effective Breast Augmentation Alternative: Results of a 6-Year, 81-Patient, Prospective Multicenter Study.

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"Awarded Best Scientific Work" - EURAPS

Awarded Best Scientific Work at the prestigious European Association of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS): "Tissue Engineering a Breast Mound by External Expansion and Autologous Fat Grafting", Manchester, UK, May 2010.

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Very exciting...

"This is a very exciting cutting-edge technology for reconstruction of defects after mastectomy, and also for cosmetic surgery to augment the breast." - Dr. Richard D'Amico | Past President, American Society of Plastic Surgeons