Lipografting is very technique dependent. These instructional workshops demonstrate proven techniques that ensure survival of large graft volumes. Through direct closed interaction in the OR, experienced instructors will reveal their technical tips for safety, efficiency and reliability. To show entire process and results, workshop includes live office consultation with long-term follow up patients and patients in the midst of their reconstruction. This is an intensive educational experience with didactic lectures and open face to face discussions. Invited expert faculty will bring participants up to date with the latest developments in breast surgery and fat grafting.

Paradigm Shift in Breast Reconstruction

Generate recipient matrix & skin envelope serial outpatient lipografting to fill with live tissue.

Conventional Reconstruction

Expander serially filled with saline. Saline compresses the tissue to only stretch the envelope leaving behind a dead space to be filled with a prosthesis.

MIAMI Reconstruction

External expander stretches scar, all the tissue and the skin envelope to generate a vascularized live scaffold. Serial seeding of this scaffold with micrografts over a few outpatient sessions generates the equivalent of an autologous vascularized tissue flap.

Breast Reconstruction Example



Before: This woman is an ideal candidate for BRAVA + AFT breast regeneration. Her breasts are not radiated. She has loose mastectomy scars and ample fat. Since she also has bilateral defects, both breasts will regenerate symmetrically and we do not have to match a normal side. She is successful because she understands and is compliant with how BRAVA should be worn.

After: The patient has regenerated large, symmetrical, D cup breasts after 3 BRAVA + AFT sessions over 6 months. These new breasts feel natural, just like the original ones. They are soft, bouncy, and best of all, the reconstructed nipple has near-normal sensation.

Breast Augmentation Example



Single stage >300ml breast augmentation & total body transformation.

Mastectomy Reconstructed with RAFT + AFT

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